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    Last night I had the privilege of watching a movie entitled Young@Heart. It is a documentary showing a group of older people (average age 80) who get together with a chorus director (Bob Cilman) and form a chorus which sings such contemporary hits such as “Every Breath You Take”, “Yes I can,can” ‘I got you” and many others. The  movie is absolutely heart warming as it shows these elderly folks rehearsing two to three times a week to prepare for a concert, some leaving their hospital beds  to get to rehearsal.

    While crying, laughing and dancing as I watched the DVD, I realized something very important was being shown to us. When old people have a purpose, a passion, they live longer, more satisfying lives. Steve Martin, one of the chorus members (not the comedian) said it well. “If you stop moving you will become a target”. During preparation for the concert two members of the group died, but the chorus continued on, dedicating their efforts to their fallen friends. And even those who passed on, up to their dying day, were trying to make it back to rehearsals and sing.

    This is a strong lesson for us and our parents. What are your parents’ passions? Encourage them to stay involved in the activities they love and even find new ones to explore. Hopefully they will happen upon an angel like Bob Cilman, the chorus director of Young@Heart who nurtered the members along the way to enjoy and expand themselves. It’s not such bad advice for each of us, no matter what our age. Follow your passion. Stay involved and grow a little every day.

    I encourage you to watch Young@Heart. Better yet, watch it with your parents. You will all be inspired.


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