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    Bob Mauterstock, CFP ®
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    Talking to your family about all the issues that you will face as you get older is often very difficult to do. But sharing with them the decisions you will have to make is the greatest gift you can give them.
    The greatest gift you can give your family
    is the gift of communication!
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    Talking to your family about all the issues that you will face as you get older is often very difficult to do

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    About Bob Mauterstock

    34 years ago I started my career in the financial services industry. I set up my first registered investment advisory firm in 1982 (Financial Action Plans,Inc.) and began doing financial planning for my clients.

    In 1987 I qualified as a Certified Financial Planner. I became a specialist in retirement income planning, long term care planning, investment management and legacy planning.. I worked with hundreds of families in CT and New England.

    In 2007 I realized how important it was for the older members of families to communicate with their children about money and work with them to create a financial transition plan from one generation to the next. Read More

    The Importance of Intergenerational Planning

    I was the financial advisor to hundreds of families for over 30 years. In my career I often worked with two or more generations within the same family. Time and time again I saw serious problems develop between family members after the older generation passed away. Families broke apart and siblings never spoke to each other again.

    I learned that this tragedy often resulted from the family’s inability to talk about the critical issues of aging while mom and dad were still healthy.

    Families waited for a crisis to occur before they talked to each other. And then it was often too late.
    I have dedicated my career to helping families open the lines of communication and create anIntergenerational Plan that assures a smooth transition between the generations, preserving the family’s legacy, protecting the family’s assets and maintaining family unity. I can work with you to assure this successful transition occurs for your family.

    It is important to establish one central location to maintain all your important records.

    During my 33-year career as a financial advisor, I observed many clients who were facing a family emergency and couldn’t find the important documents and information they needed to get things done to handle their affairs. Don’t let this happen to you. If you are like many of us, your information is scattered in several different places, some of which your family doesn’t even know exists. Let’s get that corrected!
    Purchase the “Lifefolio” to save all your important information in one place. Use the “Lifefolio” to store information on your investments, insurance, passwords, legal documents, medical information and more. This 36 page PDF form has been time tested over my 33 year career. You can print it out and save it in a notebook. You can save it on your computer or cloud service or you can purchase the “Ultimate Lifefolio”, the Lifefolio available on an 8 gigabyte thumb drive that you can keep in a safe location.


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