Discover the Critical Skills You Need to Work with Your Aging Clients by Hiring Bob Mauterstock, Eldercare Expert

About Bob Mauterstock

Bob Mauterstock is an accomplished speaker, author and sought after authority on the financial concerns of baby boomers and their adult children. Bob is the author of Can We Talk? A Financial Guide for Boomers Assisting Their Elderly ParentsPassing the Torch, Critical Conversations with Your Adult Children and Financial Advisor Safeguard Volume 1: How to Protect Yourself, Your Practice and Your Aging Clients Who Have Diminished Mental Capacity.

For over 35 years, Bob has helped families achieve a worry-free, comfortable retirement. He has inspired baby boomers and their adult children to give each other the gift of communication and preserve their legacy for future generations. In 1987 he qualified as a Certified Financial Planner® and became a specialist in retirement income planning, long term care planning, investment management and legacy planning. In 2009 he sold his practice to a regional accounting firm, which was then transferred to Kevin Leahy, CFP®, who established Connecticut Wealth Management, LLC in 2010.

Bob holds a Master's Degree in Education from University of Connecticut and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Princeton University. He is a former Navy helicopter pilot and holds the CFP®, ChFC, and CLTC designations.

He has been quoted in a number of publications and appeared on several radio programs. In addition, he has spoken to groups of financial advisors and their clients throughout the country. Bob is an active member of the Financial Planning Association. He serves on the Board of Directors for Cape Mediation and the Brewster Ladies' Library, He is a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and the Nauset Newcomers.

In his play time, he flies model airplanes and creates aerial videos with his quadcopter.

Clients Who Have Hired Bob to Speak:

  • National NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) Conference
  • National IMCA (Investment and Wealth Professionals) Conference
  • FPABE (Financial Planning Association) Conference 
  • FPA (Financial Planning Association) State Chapters: Connecticut, Greater Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Philly-Tri-State, Southern Wisconsin, Tampa, SW Florida, Tennessee and West Palm Beach
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Berkshire Money Management

Financial Advisor Training/Talks

While the talks listed below are the ones Bob typically delivers to financial advisors, he is happy to customize these talks as needed for your organization.

Working with Clients with Diminished Capacity

What do you do when you discover that one of your clients has a diminished mental capacity? According to the Alzheimer's Association, Alzheimer's disease will strike more than 8 million Americans by 2030 (a rise of 60% from 2010). If you don't know what steps to take to protect your client and your practice, both may be at risk. Bob has developed a protocol that you can follow to deal with this problem. Attend his workshop and learn the steps you can take to help your aging clients and preserve the business you have worked so hard to build.

Passing the Torch: Critical Conversations Your Clients Must Have

Boomers are concerned about the conversations they need to have with their adult children about all the issues they will face as they get older. Passing the Torch gives you, as their advisor, a practical and empathetic approach to help them work with their children to discuss and plan all the decisions they will have to make. This workshop lays out the steps to prepare and hold a family meeting to open up the lines of communication. It addresses such critical areas as legal issues that can impact the family, end of life planning, health care planning and passing on a legacy to the next generation.

Workshop for Clients of Financial Advisor Clients

Critical Conversations You Must Have with Your Family

Bob has presented a number of workshops to advisors' clients to give the advisor additional credibility and add value to their relationship. In these workshops he includes the following topics:

  • simple techniques to bridge the communication gap between generations
  • understanding the critical issues that are most important to the family
  • the 5 essential legal issues that boomers must address
  • how to create a long-term care plan for the family
  • 7 tips for gathering and organizing the critical information clients need to plan for the future.

Headshots Bob Mauterstock

Bob Mauterstock's Books

Passing the Torch

A comprehensive and practical guide that leads Baby Boomers through the process of getting their financial lives in order and communicating their wishes, desires and concerns to their adult children and develop a strong partnership with them.

Can We Talk?

Talking to your aging parents about all the financial issues that affect them is often very risky and difficult to do. Can We Talk? gives adult children a practical and empathetic approach for working with their parents to discuss and plan for all the financial decisions they will face.

Financial Advisor Safeguard

You, as a financial advisor, are about to enter the perfect storm. Several factors are lining up to make the next ten years the most challenging years that you will ever face in your practice.

​Caring For Your Elderly Parents

​If you are facing the challenge of having to make decisions on issues like long-term care and end-of-life concerns for your elderly parents, you are not alone. ​You'll get insightful advice and support to the ever-growing population of Americans, now at 65 million people, or 29% of the U.S. population, who provide care for a chronically ill, disabled, or aged family member or friend.

Media Mentions

  • Online media
  • Print Media
  • podcasts/radio/tv


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Speaking Clip

Booking Information

Contact Bob if you are interested in him making a presentation to your advisors or your clients. Call him at 508-246-7564 or email him at: bob at or send him a message via his contact page.

Rave Reviews

Tom Pattrica, CFP®, FPA of SW Florida Chapter

...key takeaways are so important...

​"Thank you so much for speaking at the FPA of Southwest Florida's first symposium. As I was chatting with people, they really appreciated the practical advice you provided to help them with their clients. Having key takeaways like that are so important."

...was the highest rated meeting we've had in years...

"It was a pleasure working with you, and thanks for an awesome presentation. You were the highest rated speaker we have had in a long time. Our March 2017 meeting was the highest rated meeting we've had in years."

Margaret Debbie Reece, CMP, Executive Director, Financial Planning Association of Colorado
2014 Tampa
FPA Presentation

...everyone at my table was taking notes...

”Thank you for the excellent presentation at the recent Tampa FPA Symposium. I especially appreciated two aspects of your talk - the "spot on" examples you used to illustrate real life issues Advisors face working with elders and the point-by-point checklist you proposed for creating Eldercare Planning Teams with clients before it's too late! Facilitating intergenerational communications, identifying and dealing with mental decline, financial abuse of Seniors in a digital age - these are all important challenges Advisors encounter, and your common sense suggestions are right on. I noticed everyone at my table was taking notes.”

The presentation was very helpful!

"Bob, thanks for the terrific FPA presentation! I found it very helpful!

Katherine Wolf, CFP®    Financial Planner at The Wealth Conservancy
John Kolligian, Ph.D.
Princeton University Health Services

Bob Mauterstock's an intelligent, trustworthy guide....

Can We Talk? is an important guide to courageous conversations about critical life issues. As the narrative of aging in America continues to be re-written, Can We Talk is a welcome, even necessary, companion for adult children and their parents-a road map on how to speak about financial and other related matters that too often and for too long stay unspoken and undone. It's been a wake-up call for me, challenging years of mounting inhibitions, readying me to move forward. It's also helped to reframe the moment as an opportunity to support my parents and, for all of us, to maintain full authorship over our lives. And Bob Mauterstock's an intelligent, trustworthy guide: his wealth of experience and good will are palpable throughout Can We Talk?  By offering indispensable advice in an accessible way, Can We Talk? has the potential to secure family legacies while transforming longstanding relationships between seniors and the adult children who love them. For those committed to make good on promise of life's later years, it's an irresistible call to action.”

Can We Talk offers a proven, step-by-step approach.... 

"Can We Talk is a must read for Baby Boomers with aging parents. One of the biggest takeaways is HOW to have those seemingly awkward and uncomfortable financial conversations with your parent(s). Can We Talk offers a proven, step-by-step approach along with practical, easy-to-use worksheets to facilitate the process.”

Margaret Greenberg, Executive Coach
Gregory Hoffman, Financial Advisor

...a must read for financial planners and their clients...

"This guide is extremely well written. It turns a very complex, sensitive and crucial topic into an exercise that is both easy to understand and to implement. I consider it a must read for financial planners and their clients!

I would highly recommend Bob for any organization.... 

"Bob Mauterstock's presentation regarding the importance of having conversations with our aging parents on the topics of money, living wills, comfort care and after-life wishes was very informative and enlightening. He brought to life these difficult topics by sharing his personal experiences as well as the experiences of people that he has helped during his career... It was an eye-opener. I would highly recommend Bob for any organization who wishes to share these topics in a caring and thoughtful presentation."

Margaret Holmes, Executive Director, Mayflower Place Continuing Care Retirement Community

Booking Information

Contact Bob if you are interested in him making a presentation to your advisors or your clients. Email him at: bob at or call him at 508-246-7564  or send him a message via his contact page.