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    About Bob Mauterstock

    Coaching families and their financial advisors to learn the skills necessary to live fruitful lives

    34 years ago I started my career in the financial services industry. I set up my first registered investment advisory firm in 1982 (Financial Action Plans,Inc.) and began doing financial planning for my clients.

    In 1987 I qualified as a Certified Financial Planner. I became a specialist in retirement income planning, long term care planning, investment management and legacy planning.. I worked with hundreds of families in CT and New England.

    In 2007 I realized how important it was for the older members of families to communicate with their children about money and work with them to create a financial transition plan from one generation to the next. I had seen too many cases where the transition was unsuccessful and the family was in crisis. So I wrote the book “Can We Talk? A Financial Guide for Baby Boomers Assisting Their elderly Parents”

    I retired in 2009 and sold my practice to a regional accounting firm. The practice was then transferred to Kevin Leahy, CFP who established Connecticut Wealth Managment, LLC in 2010.

    Now that I have retired as a financial adviser, I am focusing my energy on coaching financial advisers to learn the skills to advise their clients on eldercare issues. Most advisers have been well trained to do retirement planning, investment management and education funding. But few have the skills to help their clients (or their parents) deal with all the issues of aging.

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